Membership & Future


Membership in the California Cheese & Butter Association keeps our industry thriving.

Membership in the California Cheese & Butter Association enables our industry to progress forward and rely on one another for the advancements necessary to keep US Dairies strong and thriving. The CCBA proudly propels our industry forward through the issuing of scholarships, production of events, and the establishment of an advocacy voice for our industry.

Why Should I Join the CCBA?


The CCBA offers your business and our Industry, the  opportunity to grow and thrive together. The dairy farmer today is dealing with scrutiny and new threatening issues that can ruin ones way of life. Together, the CCBA, look to help the local farmer continue to thrive in an industry that is constantly being under attack, and its members are looking to empower the entire dairy industry; from production to manufacturing all the way to the retail shelves, the industry is poised to grow. The CCBA’s connections to market data, retail innovation, and manufacturing opportunities, can give your business the tools to grow and succeed in the 21st century. We at the CCBA aim to supply the entire dairy economy, both domestically and internationally,  with the necessary dairy infrastructure to thrive in the California markets. 

On average, the Dairy industry accounts for $6.1 billion to the California Economy.

California Department of Food & Agriculture, 2017
One of the ways we ensure the health of our industry is through the issuing of scholarships to ensure that the next generation can access the education necessary to become future dairy leaders.

As dairy farms expand their business base, retail, transportation businesses and marketing jobs are created and California is primed for a booming retail dairy market. 


Dairies can play an active role in the environmental protection of our world. We can offer solutions and innovations that will help grow our industry and make us part of the discussions.

Who can join the CCBA?

CCBA membership is open to anyone or any business that is involved in the complex dairy industry. 

  • Dairies 
  • Manufacturing
  • Veterinary services
  • Culinary organization
  • Advocacy groups
  • Dairy transport
  • Production companies
  • and more!

Membership Investment

The California Cheese & Butter Association is proud to support our industry. Members gain beneifts, support, and a network that can help grow, sustain and foster the modern dairy industry for generations to come. Membership Investment - $375 / company +$75 per employee over 3 individuals. ex. Moo Moo Dairy with 5 employees $375 + $75 + $75 = $525



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