We are excited to announce the 54th Annual Cheese & Butter Association Convention. This year in Carlsbad, California. Each year we proudly hold our convention where industry experts and leaders from all over come to help our industry grow. We support an industry that provides millions of jobs and billions to the state economy. Together with our participants we grow our scholarship fun and help support a thriving economy for dairy.

There are several ways to participate in the convention from speaking to attending. We aim each year to pack the schedule with interesting and revolutionary leaders who are helping to bring California Dairy into the 21st century and beyond.

It goes without saying that our industry and many of our industry’s practices are under threat. From working together, our industry can begin to forge a path that can help California’s dairies become leaders of the future. We are pioneering partnerships with groups looking towards the needs of our future in respect to sustainability, efficiency, and waste management while also supporting farmers and their immediate needs.

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