We Are The CCBA, an Association built on Promoting Manufactures, Sales,
and Distribution of Cheese and Butter in California

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Who Are We

About Us 

  • We promote the manufacture, distribution, and consumption of quality cheese and butter products.
  • We educate consumers about the nutritional values, culinary uses, and the eating pleasures of cheese and butter.  
  • We facilitate an exchange of information and ideas on dairy industry developments and to provide a forum for supporting and strengthening the industry throughout the world



Our History 

Founded in the early part of this century, the history of the California Cheese and Butter Association parallels the evolution of quality dairy products in California.

One of the first actions of the small band of cheese manufactures, state and university officials, meeting in the Oakland Auditorium Building on October 20th, 1923; was to declare war on sub-standard cheese products. Their declared goals were to introduce uniformly high standards to the California Cheese Industry. That meeting marked the first time in this country, that Industry, Government and University Representatives had joined forces to pursue a common goal.

Today’s California Cheese and Butter Association, representing over 70 companies from all over the United States and internationally, has expanded to include all segments of the industry: manufacturing, sales, distribution, retail, and culinary.  


Contact Us

Carrie Scrimshire, Executive Director
Phone: 415-622-5813

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2220 Livingston St.
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